Enerzona omega3 RX 210 capsules

Enerzona omega3 RX


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Omega-3 fatty acids are "essential" because our body is unable to produce them. Therefore, they must be acquired through diet or in low consumption with supplements. *

Numerous scientific studies have shown that, as part of a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, the omega-3 are extremely important because they perform important functions in the body and help us to be more efficient and active.

* The supplements are not intended to replace a varied and balanced diet

It contains more than 60% EPA and DHA and 75% omega3 fatty acids. Long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA are present in the optimum ratio of 2: 1.

· EPA and DHA contribute to the normal maintenance of heart function (taking at least 250mg per day).

· EPA and DHA help maintain normal levels of triglycerides (when taking 2 g daily)

· DHA contributes to maintenance of normal brain function and visual acuity (taking at least 250mg per day)

The fish oil is a perishable and delicate product. The technology used to prepare ENERZONA Omega 3 RX allows stable product to be obtained over time.

ENERZONA Omega 3 RX is recognized by Barry Sears, creator of the Zone nutritional strategy for its high quality.

* IFOS (INTERNATIONAL STANDARD FISH OIL) is an independent entity and internationally recognized that confirmed the high quality of the product.

ENERZONA Omega 3 RX received five stars - the maximum that can be achieved with IFOS scale - many times.
Certificates of analysis are public and available for consultation at:

www.ifosprogram.com on page Consumer Report. You can also visit www.enerzona.com.