Enerzona Muesli 230gr

Enerzona Muesli 230gr


CHF 11.90


An innovative muesli with a high concentration of quality protein * made from soybean multi-grain flakes, a special combination of oats, rice, barley and soy.

Now you can even have breakfast in the area with muesli. ENERZONA Rich Muesli 40-30-30 has an extraordinary nutritional content with its high content of protein and fiber as well as its delicious taste.

Special multi-grain flakes spelled, oats, hazelnut and dark chocolate curls, came together to create the ENERZONA Rich Muesli 40-30-30 *.

Protein helps maintain muscle mass.

40-30-30: the percentage of caloric distribution of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats).

1 pack = 3 scoops = 23 g (about)

230g package