Activisan Sport Drink 1000ml


CHF 27.00

Isotonic formula ACTIVISAN

Prefer product whose formula is isotonic.
Isotonic energy drinks have the same molecular density (mineral salts, glucose) as blood. Their specific formula allows a good gastric emptying and optimal intestinal absorption of nutrients.

Some tips to prevent cramps:

An hour before and during exercise, drink regularly in small sips every 20 minutes. Favour isotonic drinks enriched with minerals and adapted to sport. Immédiatement after the test, take a drink rich in minerals.

Effects on the body of inadequate hydration:

disturbed thermoregulation
Decreased muscle strength
Accumulation of lactic acid (waste) in the muscles during exercise
Aches, heat stroke


sprains or tendinitis
cardiovascular events

1000 ml = 35 liters of drink