GUAM INTHENSO cream bust volume (Push-Up Cream) 150ml Art. 2102


CHF 52.05

GUAM INTHENSO cream bust volume (Push-Up Cream) 150ml

This cream contains the active ingredient exclusive GEZHIMU, a combination of plant extracts (red algae, gelidium sesquipedale root "zhi mu" and sorghum Sorghum bicolor). This active substance combination stimulates the natural process of lipid accumulation in adipose tissue cells, and thus promotes the continuous increase of the chest. Chest feels bulkier, stronger and more solid.

Application domain:
Breasts, bust / décolleté

Apply a thin layer of cream on the breasts and massage in circular movements (avoiding the nipples) in the direction of the neck until completely absorbed.

Active ingredients:
Gezhimu (mixture of plant extracts): contains zhi mu roots gelidium sesquipedale (red algae, rich in minerals and amino acids The mineralization effect gives the skin of the breast elasticity and softness.) , sorghum bicolor (wheat full of vitamins C and B2) polyols and butter of wild rose (rosa canina).

This INTHENSO cream with push-up contains natural ingredients that have no negative effect on the hormonal system.