GUAM slimming cream, bust and body 250ml

GUAM slimming cream, bust and body 250ml Art. 2004


CHF 35.90

GUAM slimming cream, bust and body

This firming cream for the breasts and the body is a mixture of seaweed GUAM, plant extracts and essential oils.

Although GUAM algae proportion is particularly high, this cream leaves no smell of seaweed on the skin. It is immediately absorbed, stimulates and strengthens the skin, which makes the incomparably smooth and maintains its elasticity. This cream is an important addition to treatment with seaweed mud. Highly recommended during and after dieting, pregnancy or surgery of the breasts. The effects of due process are quickly visible.

Application areas:

Breasts and body


Apply the cream to the corresponding parts of the body and massage gently.
For best results daily application for three weeks is recommended.

Active ingredients:

The GUAM algae (rich in iodine, iron, calcium and alginic acid) act so balancing, cleansing and moisturizing and soften the skin by removing excess water from the fabric. Extracts of ivy, plants and essential oils.

Pure natural product without dyes. No drug. No side effects.