Biody Xpert

Biody Xpert

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The BIODY XPERT ZM meets the needs of all medical and paramedical professions: doctors, nutritionists, dieticians and physiotherapists
General medicine

BIODY XPERT ZM is the general practitioner a diagnostic tool, prevention and monitoring his patient as indispensable as the stethoscope (Osteoporosis, Oncology, sarcopenia, cachexia, diabetes, renal failure, cardiovascular risk, dehydration, malnutrition, nutritional imbalance, obesity…).

Sports doctor BIODY XPERT ZM is a tool for managing risks related to competition or intensive training program of a top athlete and fits perfectly with the requirement to preserve the health of athletes. It is also within the monitoring devices, in case of injury, hospitalization, etc. Its portability, ergonomics and software measures multiple function, allow a trainer to do "on the fly" measures in the field or in the locker room with subsequent analysis of the results by the doctor.
Dietitians and Nutritionists

Weight control is insufficient given that does not allow to monitor essential elements such as the evolution of the protein mass, mineral and water during a regime. BIODY XPERT ZM allows for in seconds a full body assessment which will be critical to determine the best suited to the patient feeding program. History can control the results. It is also a remarkable tool for decision confidence and motivation for the patient.

The accuracy and reproducibility of BIODY XPERT ZM measures will allow the physiotherapist to consider bodily imbalances for better patient care and optimized results. The results obtained after the balance sheet provide it with additional data coming enrich the quality of its trade with the treating physician. Functional rehabilitation under postoperatively, assessment and recovery of skeletal muscle mass of limbs, muscle balance / skeleton, hydration level non greasy materials on or under hydration intra- or extracellular, undernourished elderly ...
Professional sports and wellness
The BIODY XPERT ZM is suitable for professional sports and wellness. It can be used both by sports coaches in the slimming centers, Spa, thalassotherapy, or in sports to trades training center.

ZM BIODY XPERT brings many advantages to fitness centers. Portable - By far the best performance / price - Taking measurements fast and extremely reliable - Immediate Profitability - Promotes realization of adhésion- customer loyalty by monthly measurement taken.

BIODY XPERT ZM will allow better targeting of customized training programs, taking into account the morphology of each customer, and changes in body composition during the sessions.

The coach needs to provide personalized offers, monitoring of quality and results. BIODY XPERT ZM is invaluable both to set objectives for setting up the appropriate means to achieve them. The customer's motivation is a key factor in obtaining good results, BIODY XPERT ZM provides considerable psychological help. The accuracy of BIODY XPERT ZM can show the customer the results from week to week.

High Performance Sport

BIODY XPERT ZM is an indispensable tool for promoting the performance of top athletes. Multifrequency, it provides with great precision all reliable indicators offered by Bioimpédancemétrie.

This is an evaluation and monitoring mechanism almost unavoidable for: evaluating body modifications related to the training, compare and validate training methods, control the recovery phases, detect risk of overtraining, optimize search optimum performance, monitor potential imbalances.

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