DUO crème anticellulite, effet chauffant 200ml

DUO anti cellulite cream, 200ml heating effect


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DUO anti cellulite cream, 200ml heating effect

By regularly using this cream, imperfections caused by cellulite are reduced and the skin will regain its compactness, firmness and moisture.

Through interaction of GUAM seaweed (red algae gelidium cartilagineum) with spring water marine Noirmoutier, which is rich in specific agents for the treatment of imperfections of cellulite, this cream helps counteract the loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Active ingredients:

GUAM algae, red algae gelidium cartilagineum: marine algae that are known to be effective against fat deposits, they especially favor lipolysis by increasing the activation of fatty acids and the liquid bypass. Seaweed gelidium cartilagineum is proven their efficiency "cellulite" in vivo tests, reducing the local adipose tissue and at the same time by increasing the elasticity of the skin.
Phyllacantha fibrosa (marine source water from Noirmoutier). Glycosaminoglycans (GAG).
Natural product without artificial coloring. No parabens, no silicones, PEG. No drug. No side effects.

Application areas:

Thighs and buttocks


Apply the cream on the thighs and buttocks massage until its complete absorption.
A slight redness and heat sensation in the treated areas is perfectly normal.