Passionate about sport and nutrition, our team of Swiss dietetic professional and former sports brings their knowledge and distribution network with a new website which is both partner close to the customer , practical and very effective. We are a Swiss growing company whose reputation reflects itself in the quality of our products offered and the professionalism that drives our team.

ABC Nutrition advocates a successful lifestyle, healthy living, a healthy, balanced diet and adequate physical activity. For us, it is to offer a selection of quality products meeting the standards of Swiss law and food science concept taking into account body weight, hormonal aspects, mental and physical.

ABC Nutrition is closer to its customers with its partner system. See Become a partner.

ABC Nutrition offers three sections: food - Wellness - Cosmetics & advice.

ABC Nutrition believes the expectations of its customers and its development potential is today directly associated with the needs and requirements of the latter. We appreciate the efforts that are yours and fulfilling your expectations. Our supplements and services will rise to the height of these, it is our challenge!

Our products are for anyone wishing to improve their potential cardiovascular, muscular, energetic and reducing risk factors, hunger and snacking. If the will that animates you is up to your expectations, it's at ABC Nutrition. 

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