This is a piece of equipment that uses electrostimulation but in an entirely new way of what has been done so far. It combines muscle building exercises and electrostimulation.
With this German concept of 2003, electrostimulation is no longer a solitary activity at home but a real fitness session with a coach totally available for you and listening to you throughout the session. While the machine sends the pulses, simple movements are shown on the screen or by the coach. We must hold positions, type abs or squats, alternating a few seconds of contraction and a few seconds of rest. The exercises are chosen according to the objectives and areas that you want to tone. The coach adapts the intensity as and when and thanks to a smart card, the machine retains our personal settings between two sessions.
The current works on several simultaneous muscles of the whole body (8 zones) which optimizes the effort-time ratio considerably.


The interest is not to work passively but systematically pre-contract the muscles on sequences of 4 seconds of work and 4 seconds of rest. The goal is to be fully contracted at the time of stimulation, which will act as a turbo and allow the recruitment of muscle fibers by reaching deep, to obtain a more complete and more effective contraction.
In 20 minutes of work, we managed to concentrate in terms of pure muscle contraction, the equivalent of 4 hours of training in the gym.
This equates to 30 repetitions of 10 movements in 8 simultaneous whole body areas. Which corresponds to 240 repetitions any muscular group confused. So the result is to match!




Body restructuring
This program focuses primarily on activating fast muscle fibers, strength and increasing muscle mass as a driver for increased basal metabolism. In addition, this program tightens the overlying tissues, clarifying the contours of the skin. It is very important to exercise with sufficient intensity to obtain a visible muscle contraction!
Metabolic program
This program improves the metabolic qualities of the muscle. It is recommended here to combine static exercises with dynamic exercises to increase stamina. Isolated and brief pulses, with constant alternation between muscle tension and relaxation, further improve blood circulation in the muscle and surrounding tissue. In addition, this program promotes the creation of new blood capillaries and has a positive and long-term influence on the metabolism of fats. As a result, this program improves the nutritional intake of muscles along with a faster increase in muscle mass and fat breakdown.
Relaxation phase
A short relaxation phase can follow the 2 previous programs. We will take this opportunity to discuss with the subject of the next steps to obtain the best feedback. The relaxation program allows muscle regeneration. The subject recovers and feels calm. A complete workout including strength, endurance and relaxation lasts about 30 minutes (including placement and removal of electrodes).

The most effective way in preventing cellulite, is to tighten the connective tissue while reducing weight and fat. Regular and intensive training helps to reduce body fat and increase musculature. It positively influences metabolism in the long term. A well-trained group of muscles causes tightening of the overlying skin that looks smoother and prettier.
It is very important to train regularly with an adequate level of intensity. However, this intensity is rarely achieved by aerobic endurance training or traditional strength training. On the other hand, the whole body workout with EMS acts simultaneously on large muscle groups with a high intensity.
According to studies at Bayreuth University (see Boeckh-Behrens / Vatter 2003), fat deposits at the waist, hips and buttocks are effectively reduced. By their compression effects, belts and vests with electrodes promote blood circulation and the elimination of metabolic waste.

The investigations and studies carried out at the Universities of Bayreuth and Erlangen-Nuremberg have shown remarkably that a regular training of the whole body with EMS allows a remodeling of the silhouette in a short time.

(SPEICHER, U. / NOWAK, S. / SCHMITHÜSEN J. / KLEINÖDER, H. / MESTER, J., German Sports University, Cologne 2008, published in medical sports network 04/2007)


87% of the subjects enthusiastically reported noticeable visible effects of their body shape. The perception of their body was remarkably more positive after training with EMS than after traditional training.

89% of subjects felt firmer, more stable and stronger after training. Body fat was reduced by up to 4% in 6 weeks of training with EMS.

The women got an average reduction of 1.5 cm in the size of their thighs. The men achieved a reduction in waist circumference of up to 2.3 cm at the same time as an increase in muscle mass in the legs, upper arms and chest.

In athletes, overall muscle gains were 4 cm - significantly higher than with traditional training methods. After only 13 weeks of training, overweight subjects lost an average of 3.5 kg and 9% body fat, as well as 6.5 cm waist circumference and 2 cm around the upper arm.

People over the age of 65 reduced their body fat by about 6% through relatively slow training lasting 30 minutes every 5 days for 14 weeks.

A 6.8% reduction in abdominal fat and a 6 cm decrease in waist circumference confirm the beneficial effects of this type of training especially in the fight against overweight and metabolic syndrome.

Abdominal muscles are important in all sports. Studies have shown an increase in maximum abdominal strength of 67%.

Thanks to the EMS, it is possible to increase by 74% the strength of the trunk muscles that are difficult to train.

Subjects showed an increase in isometric strength of 8-9% after 4 workouts

Subjects increased their maximum dynamic force by 17% without fatigue of the passive musculoskeletal system.

The creatinine kinase activity (CK) is the indicator of the intensity of training. Studies have shown that, compared to traditional training, training with EMS has resulted in a 40% increase in its value. The CK activity is one of the determining factors of the increase of the muscular mass. Endurance performance increased in 71% of subjects. Overall performance increased for 84% of them. Static strength endurance increased by about 34% after 6 weeks of training. Dynamic strength endurance increased to 108%

The long-term effects were convincing. With respect to velocity, studies have shown persistent increases up to 3 weeks after the end of training. These results offer completely new perspectives for training protocols in high performance sports.





The results show that combined training (a workout with EMS and a strength training session with weight machines per week) is as effective as traditional training twice a week. As already demonstrated in previous research on EMS, the positive effects of EMS such as reduction of back pain and the deep feeling of improved body stability were also found identically after combined training.


Training with EMS all over the body is a convincing method in the treatment of back pain and urinary incontinence. It makes it possible to obtain gains of strength identical or even superior to those obtained with a traditional training. Improving the body aspect and feeling of well-being is an attractive element for women and men of all ages. As a result, EMS training throughout the body is an effective training method that attracts a broad spectrum of groups regardless of age.


Beneficial effects on body parameters, the study showed an increase in functional parameters such as maximum strength and speed. In addition the analysis showed a high acceptance of EMS in women after menopause. Thus, this type of training outside of its effectiveness seems to be equally reliable.


Training with EMS acts on back pain very effectively. In addition, the electrical stimulus obviously activates the deep muscle groups that are difficult to operate during traditional treatment methods. Training with EMS achieves both therapeutic and preventive results. Thus specific training with EMS of the whole body is very effective, saves time and improves health.


Training with EMS is an effective training method. It achieves therapeutic goals of improving urinary incontinence and back pain problems as well as preventive goals by increasing muscle mass, improving body aspect and feeling of well being, increasing vitality, body stability and overall performance.


With a lower training intensity, significant effects on the body parameters of the elderly were obtained. Thus, training with EMS of the whole body could offer a promising alternative to traditional training programs for training people with reduced muscle and heart capacity.


This study shows for the first time the effects of EMS training in patients with heart failure. The improvements, such as the objective increase in performance and the optimization of muscle and metabolic physiological parameters, far exceed the results obtained by the different types of traditional aerobic training in terms of primary and secondary cardiac rehabilitation in patients with deficiency. heart. This handy training offers a wide range of treatment for patients with heart failure.