Do you remember the extraordinary sensations that the body and the mind provide when they function optimally? The mind is relaxed while being both alert and focused. The body is fluid, strong and apparently tireless.
This state seems mysterious, unpredictable and accessible only to a minority of people and well it is not, because scientific principles govern the benefits of a program of rebalancing micro-nutritional food. In fact, it is being in the optimal metabolic state and accessible by everyone through the food.

This food program will provide you with the knowledge and skills to help you achieve a higher level of health and fitness. You will examine the nature of the program and learn how it works. Once you have put hormone control technology into practice by following the basic nutritional principles, you will find this program very easy to apply in everyday life.

You will learn if you want, calculate the daily amounts of protein, carbohydrate and fat needed for your daily needs. To help you practice this food concept, you are given information on how to prepare meals, how to adjust food, how important exercise is, and how to reduce stress. You will discover the benefits of diet to prevent chronic diseases and mitigate them to access a Super-health.
This program is a way of controlling your hormonal system. It represents the perfect balance every time you eat. In practice, it means: 'Eat everything but moderately' taking into account his personal needs.
You will benefit:

Better mental focus because you keep your blood sugar (blood sugar) at an optimal level
Better physical performance because you increase oxygen transfer in your muscle cells
Smoother silhouette because you burn your excess body fat more easily
A break in the feeling of hunger between meals because your brain is constantly fed with energy (glucose - the only form of sugar that can be assimilated by the cells of the body).

With smart physical activity and proper nutrition, effects will appear in one to two weeks if you follow ABC NUTRITION's rules and tips. You can then access a loss or weight gain with a Super-health key!

Super-health means absence of disease. You reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, obesity, hypertension, etc.


Personalized food rebalancing program of 4 to 5 sessions, carried out over a period of approximately 1½ months. This program will help you achieve the required results in the following areas:

Weight loss - Weight gain
Stress management and reduction of addictions
Diabetes - Cholesterol - Hypertension
Sport - Performances

1st Session: Evaluation
Collection of general information, health status, weight history, medication intake, sports practice, etc. Measure your body composition using the Biody Xpert / Coach device with analysis. Size / hip / wrist / height and weight measurements are taken for the biometric balance. To know your diet rules and values, a personality test is done.

1 food survey analysis
1 biometric balance
1 personality test

The bio-nutritional assessment is an evaluation of your nutritional, hormonal and psychic status obtained by means of a detailed questionnaire based on all your clinical symptoms (complaints) and on your way of life in order to bring you food and environmental solutions to improve your current health and optimize your results.
However, this assessment remains only an overall assessment of your current state. In no case, this assessment is likely to replace or to go against any diagnosis or medical treatment.

Her goals :

To allow you to know yourself better and to know better the origin of your troubles:
Detailed analysis of your current body composition (body fat, BMI or BMI, ideal body weight, muscle mass, etc.).
Analysis of your current eating habits and the consequences of these on your general condition and your health.
Analysis of your status in vitamins and minerals, your status in toxins, your energy reserves and your immune defenses.
Analysis of your hormonal, metabolic and psychic status.

Better help you:
Dietary advice, micronutrionnels (proposed complementation in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, etc.) and lifestyle to maintain or improve your current state.


In order to achieve a balance as close as possible to reality, it is imperative that you answer objectively all the questions asked. Identical questions can be asked several times in the questionnaire.
To put into practice the nutritional advice given in this assessment, you can obtain, in addition, an ABC personalized food program and dietary supplements (vitamins, minerals, etc.) from our official nutrition advisers.

1 bio nutritional balance with interpretation
Course on the basics of dietetics and nutrition guide
Plan of departure with detox
Body Measurement Biody Xpert / Coach


Collection of information
Control of the hormonal balance
Body Measurement Biody Xpert / Coach + Taking measurements
Application of the rebalancing plan


Collection of information
Control of the hormonal balance
Body Measurement Biody Xpert / Coach + Taking measurements
Custom plans method


Collection of information
Control of the hormonal balance
Body Measurement Biody Xpert / Coach + Taking measurements
Realization of personalized meals



Take back authority on your health by rebalancing your diet. All you risk is feeling better in your body, losing excess weight, being bright and tireless. I wish you much success on this new start for your health and your figure.
The body is the temple of our spirit!


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