Muscle building is the result of several effective factors such as bodybuilding that will stimulate your muscles and force them to grow with a diet that is essential for your muscles to repair and develop.

Just apply some basic rules to go from a weak or non-existent muscle building to the athlete body that you have always dreamed of having.
To activate the muscular construction it is not very complicated, but as in any field it is necessary to favor what works and put away the superfluous.

A "mass gain" session, to be effective, must be performed in a defined time with a predetermined exercise program for the muscle gills chosen. Forgotten training on instinct! Aggressive and predefined sessions to work all the muscles of the body and not to avoid the "weak points" will be best allies for an optimal muscular construction.
There is one basic exercise for each muscle group, small or large. It is these that we must advocate and forget the revolutionary techniques of bodybuilding so-called highly effective.
For a mass gain a minimum training of 3 weekly sessions are recommended. With 3 sessions we get to work all the muscles of the body in the week with a rest day between working days.

One of the most important factors for muscle building is progressive overload. If you want to become more muscular, stronger and more powerful you have to increase the weights or the number of repetitions you lift week after week.
The more you train your muscles, the more they will develop. It makes sense, but constant training is your best bet. Even if your training is not 100% effective on the chosen exercises, training regularly and consistently, such as a metronome, will guarantee conclusive results.

If you want to speed up your muscle building you should use compound exercises that solicit several muscle groups, such as a "large muscle group" and a "small muscle group" during a single session. You should definitely include exercises such as squats, deadlifts, push-ups, and push-ups in your program.



A) For deburants, we propose a muscular mass gain with a program over 6 weeks using the Miha-Bodytec device.
B) For the advanced ones, contact Alex. ALEX

At the first appointment, a body measurement by bio-impedancemetry is performed using the new generation Biody-Xpert device, the most accurate on the market. This measure allows us to immediately have your biometric balance and allows us, after analysis, to develop a personalized food rebalancing and establish the optimal program suitable for optimal muscle building.
A nutritional analysis is carried out and we take some information on your state of health as well as your level of training. All information is treated confidentially.
In possession of all the elements, we can start the 1st training and 1st contact with the Miha-Bodytec machine.
Then, in the week, a global questionnaire is sent to you. And yes ! Between your 1st coaching session and the 2nd one, you will be allocated work for the neurons ... This very complete questionnaire will allow you to carry out your bio-nutritional assessment, the main objective of which is to detect any metabolic, hormonal or biological deficiency responsible for possible complaints indicated by yourself in the questionnaire. The result will allow us to know objectively the current status (good, average, bad) of the functioning of your organization and to provide you with dietary advice, healthy living hygiene and physical activities for the chosen objective.
The menus are developed in common according to your tastes and tendencies. (Vegetarian, Vegan, Vegan, etc.) A balanced diet should provide a variety of foods from different food groups. It is not a diet in the strict sense of the term because it allows you to eat while balancing your plate with the quantities and types of food needed for each meal of the day.
See coaching food rebalancing
At each appointment we perform a body measurement to see the weekly progress and points to work. A history with deviation from the last measure allows us to see succinctly the improvement of body composition throughout the coaching period.

The first 2 weeks, 2 coaching sessions per week with Miha-Bodytec are scheduled.
The following 4 weeks, 1 coaching session per week with Miha-Bodytec and 1 personal traning session are scheduled. (Depending on level of adaptation of the sessions)
8 Miha Bodytec sessions + 4 personal training sessions

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Thanks to the training method electrostimulation coaching "diet, you will achieve visible results in record time! Call our coaches!
Call our coaches! They will answer all your questions about the program.

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