BIODY COACH ZM and BIODY XPERT ZM are connected objects that exploit high technology to meet the expectations of the connected professional. Wireless and weighing less than 300g, they connect via Bluetooth to a mobile application based on intelligent algorithms. Exploitable where the internet works, they have the advantage of being able to be used everywhere.

BIODY COACH ZM and BIODY XPERT ZM are the only miniaturized multifrequency devices connected and without cable that delivers an immediate medical check-up.
Regular updates to measurement interpretation software provide health professionals with access to new functions. It is used both in the preventive field and in the follow-up of a patient during treatment.
Weight monitoring is insufficient because it does not allow the evolution of the essential elements of this "weight" such as water, protein mass, minerals and body fat. Biody Xpert provides an essential amount of information for professionals in dietetics, sports and all medical or paramedical professions who, depending on the results obtained, will be able to publish food, sports or follow-up programs that are perfectly adapted to the patient's needs. . In a few seconds, Biody Xpert allows you to obtain the detailed body composition of your patient and you can at any time consult the evolution of the different masses that make up his weight.
Bio-impedancemetry (BIA) has been used to determine body composition since the 1970s. It consists of passing through the body an alternating electric current of low intensity and measuring the opposition of the tissues to the passage of this current. The value of the impedances, phase angles, resistances and reactances collected by the measuring device make it possible, thanks to algorithms, to determine the body compartments traversed by the current and to provide, according to the type of device, a more or less precise and detailed result of the body composition.
The current used is of very low intensity. It is completely painless.
Depending on the results obtained, we can publish food programs or training programs that are perfectly adapted to the patient's needs. In a few seconds, Biody Coach and Biody Xpert allow you to obtain the detailed body composition of your patient and you can at any time consult the evolution of the different masses that make up his weight.
Bioimpedancemetry techniques have evolved a lot and these Multifrequency devices now provide a considerable amount of information on the body composition, level of fitness and level of preparation for the athlete's competition.
What are the main indicators brought by Biody Coach and Biody Xpert:

- Fatty Body Level

- Basic metabolism

- Energy needs

- Skeletal muscle mass of the limbs

- Metabolic Protein Level

- Active Cell Mass

- Non-fat hydration rate

- Water balance sodium / potassium

- Water balance off fat

- Intra-cellular water level

- Extra cellular water level


Why is this technique profitable?
- The measurement takes only a few seconds and we visualize the indicator "target" what is actually composed its weight that is to say, water, fat, muscles and bones.

- The "Target ®" indicator, is extremely explicit with its color areas which allows to instantly identify what is going, what is wrong, what needs to be changed. This awareness is a remarkable motivational tool that will facilitate your transformation.

- Follow-up by monthly measurement is a very effective means of loyalty because it allows the member to measure concretely the benefits of the program that gave him by his coach.
- Reduced ergonomics and functional: Mobile, Connected, Light, interpretation of results available anywhere, anytime on any device.

- A measurement that can be done anywhere, in a few seconds with immediate visualization of the result. A dashboard for interpreting the results of the measurement extremely playful and understandable.

- A Multifrequency device whose frequency ranges make it possible to obtain a result on all the materials, including the decomposition of total water into intra- and extracellular water, a fundamental element in sporting environments.

- A device that offers you everything you need to know (fat mass, skeletal muscle mass, total water, intracellular and extracellular, bone mass index, bone mass / muscle mass ratio, basic metabolism, energy expenditure, difference between measured values ​​and reference values ​​..) The hydration rate excluding fat, the% of fat with constant hydration, the active cell mass decomposed into intracellular water and metabolic proteins for a qualitative analysis of muscle mass, the target, comparative indices.

- An interpretation of the results based not only on the results of the measurement (resistance, reactance, impedances, phase), but also on essential data such as height, weight, age and sex. The equations used come from the most important work carried out in Bioimpedancemetry, published and recognized internationally.

By far, the best price / performance ratio of the market.









These new devices are the result of 15 years of research and development and meet an ambitious goal: to design a mobile professional wireless impedance meter (with the integrated electrodes), while remaining the lightest and most compact possible, and keeping a high level of reliability. To meet this challenge, the concept of bio-impedancemetry has been reconsidered and redesigned.

Biody Coach and Bidoy Xpert are more than just new impedancemeters.
This is the future of connected professional impedance measurement!

Differences Biody Xpert & Biody Coach:

The Biody Xpert delivers more specialized data for the medical professions with a price difference of CHF 300.-


2 years warranty from the date of purchase

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