It is difficult in our stressful society to turn our bad habits into a virtuous circle. Living in a state of permanent stress ended up paying for our body. We must take care to avoid this situation to remain in perfect health.

Food plays the role of pillar for health and sport its great ally to find it

You have eaten too much chocolate, you have cracked on a pastry while passing in front of the bakery, you have engulfed your crisps in front of the TV! ... And there, you say to yourself that you must absolutely move, run, but you always put back to tomorrow the good resolutions.
Lack of time ?
Or it's the lack of time available in a day. This is one of the main reasons you can not get started! Simply because between work, cleaning, shopping, cooking to prepare, laundry that accumulates, children to manage ... you no longer have time to practice a sport!



 Despite all your good will, you can not lose weight! Yet, you try! Weight loss diets, strength training cassettes, stepper to strengthen your thighs while watching your favorite TV series, registration in the gym ... but as soon as you come home, your enthusiasm falls quickly, you're fed up, you're not satisfied of your performances and you finish in front of the fridge the door open ...
You really want to find a flat stomach and be comfortable in your body, move with pleasure and confidence, gain fluidity, adaptability and strength, reshape your silhouette in record time!


It's possible, But you must be armed with good tips, good tips and effective physical activity for 6 weeks!


ABC NUTRTITION offers you a concrete and proven solution by coupling the return to a healthy and personalized diet, adapted to each one based on its body composition, with the effectiveness of muscle strengthening exercises coupled with the latest generation Miha-Bodytec .
This equipment acts remarkably on the degradation of the fats and the tightening of the overlying tissues which specifies the outlines of the skin.

Your resolution to follow this program will guarantee you visible and fast results! The return to healthy eating, pillar of your thinness, will guarantee its durability.
Maybe for you, playing sports, it is inevitably to suffer, to have aches, to be hurt! In short, you are afraid! So, you prefer not to play sports. You think it's safer for your joints.
Well with Miha Bodytec, the joints pain is over after training. The work is done without weight, these being replaced by the intensity sent by Miha-Bodytec directly on the muscle. Sessions last 20 to 30 minutes alternating muscle building, metabolism and relaxatation.
How does the EMS work?

coaching Miha-Bodytec

While in traditional training, the muscles are controlled by electrical impulses from the brain that cause contraction and thus movement, in the EMS, the muscles receive an external simulation from the electrodes.
Muscle is indifferent to the origin of electrical stimuli (brain or electrodes). the stimuli cause a muscular contraction.

The excitation of each muscle fiber depends on a sufficient intensity of the current (threshold of activity).
If this threshold is exceeded, the muscle fiber responds with a total contraction (law of all or nothing).
From a certain intensity, all the fibers are activated. An additional increase in intensity has no effect.
Thus, Miha bodytec uses only low intensity currents (on a restricted scale of micro amps)
not dangerous for the human body.

At the first appointment, a body measurement by bio-impedancemetry is performed using the new generation Biody-Xpert device, the most accurate on the market. This measure allows us to immediately have your biometric balance and allows us, after analysis, to develop a personalized food rebalancing and establish the optimal program suitable for weight loss.
A nutritional analysis is carried out and we take some information on your state of health as well as your level of training. All information is treated confidentially.
In possession of all the elements, we can start the 1st training and 1st contact with the Miha-Bodytec machine.
Then, in the week, a global questionnaire is sent to you.
And yes ! Between your 1st coaching session and the 2nd one, you will be allocated work for the neurons ... This very complete questionnaire will allow you to carry out your bio-nutritional assessment, the main objective of which is to detect any metabolic, hormonal or biological deficiency responsible for possible complaints indicated by yourself in the questionnaire.
The result will allow us to objectively know the current status (good, average, bad) of your body's functioning and provide you with dietary advice, healthy lifestyle and physical activity for weight loss.
The menus are developed in common according to your tastes and tendencies. (Vegetarian, Vegan, Vegan, etc.) A balanced diet should provide a variety of foods from different food groups. It is not a diet in the strict sense of the term because it allows you to eat while balancing your plate with the quantities and types of food needed for each meal of the day.
At each appointment we perform a body measurement to see the weekly progress and points to work. A history with deviation from the last measure allows us to see succinctly the improvement of body composition throughout the coaching period.
The first 2 weeks, 1 coaching session per week with Miha-Bodytec is scheduled.
The following 4 weeks, 2 coaching sessions per week with Miha-Bodytec are scheduled.
Thanks to the electrostimulation / coaching / feeding training method, you will achieve visible results in record time! Forget the anonymous and demotivating fitness rooms!

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