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When it comes to food quality is a premium on quantity. Natural and specific to our digestive system it is the basis of health. Any food drift that goes beyond our ability to eliminate digestive and metabolic waste creates disease, as surely as any return to the adapted and natural food brings back health.

ABC Nutrition supports you in your search to lose or maintain an ideal weight, to increase your muscular mass, to improve your physical or mental performance. Detected and reduced health problems; Hypertension, excess cholesterol, insulin resistance, depression, gastric acidity, bronchitis, sinusitis, etc.

ABC Nutrition also advises the diet of vegetarians or vegans, pregnant women or entering menopause.

Whatever your objective, ABC Nutrition works with you to optimize your health!
Feeding less waste, detox, naturopathic basis, stress management, better physical, metabolic, hormonal, mental and emotional life.

Let your food be your medicine "Hyppocrate"
VVV - Various Vegetable Vitaminized

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- Test Persona
- Biometric assessment
- Bionutritional balance
- Body measurement BiodyXpert

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