Body measurement

How to measure body composition?

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When one is concerned about his health and his line, its weight is of course a first step. But to go further, what better than to know the amount of muscle and fat in our body? This is what makes possible the impédencemétrie, a measure which is democratized thanks to new high-tech scales.

The impédencemétrie? In recent years expands the measurement of body composition through a so-called bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). Finished the Body Mass Index (BMI), the BIA is ready to take over. A small harmless electrical signal from the 3 or 4 electrodes on the device that will pass through the body from the feet to the abdomen. The signal quickly through the water retention in the muscle tissues hydrated but meets resistance through fat tissue. The latter also referred to as "impedance" is measured and entered in scientific equations taking into account sex, size and weight of the individual, possible to obtain body composition. More resistance which faces the bioelectric current, the greater the rate is high.

Why measure body composition ?

Body composition distinguishes the fat percentage, muscle mass, percentage of hydration, bone mass or metabolic age.

When talking about body size and "average", the reflex is to be based on its weight. Yet it is that a given overall. Indeed, it encompasses all components of the body without distinction: the muscles, fluids (blood and water), skin, bones, organs, guts, and fat. We can thus be slightly greasy but weigh heavily just because we are very muscular or that has a thick frame. Body composition allows it to distinguish between fat percentage, muscle mass, percentage of hydration, bone mass or metabolic age.

Watch his body measurements over time leads first to analyze and control their weight with great accuracy. On the other hand it helps to stay healthy by keeping a body fat ratio within the recommended healthy ranges. Finally impédencemétrie allows to specifically tailor its training program to improve its performance. ideal tools to track customer of a Personal Trainer.

How it works ?

Impedance meters scales resemble conventional scales. Before it is necessary to enter into memory on the small board computer age, height and sex. It then only remains to get on the weighing pan, making sure to position his feet, and expect that the various measures are displayed. The measurement should preferably be done at the same time and barefoot. Indeed the weight of the body and the rate of fat varies throughout the day. At sunrise, the water is not evenly distributed in the body: the As of the day, it is distributed in the body in a regular manner, optimizing the electrical conductivity.

To know where we stand, we must compare its data to the reference table Age / fat levels (source Tanita)
Men: 18 to 39 years = 8.5 to 21% body fat; 40 to 59 years = 10-23% fat; 60 to 79 years = 12 to 24.5% fat.
Women 18 to 39 years = 20.5 to 35% body fat; 40 to 59 years = 23-33% fat; 60 to 79 years = 20.5 to 35% fat

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