The metabolic effect of stimulating algae is known for centuries: draining, purifying and detoxifying naturally. GUAM seaweed mud is a concentrate of seaweed and brings valuable minerals to the skin. Real visible results from the first applications (see GFK Eurisko surveys). Continued use gives the skin its firmness and elasticity.
Several studies conducted among others by Pavia University Hospital have demonstrated the anti-cellulite effect of the mud of seaweed GUAM, especially in terms of:

     Reducing unsightly cellulite
     The improved firmness and elasticity of the skin
     Decrease the circumference of the thighs
     Reduction of micro nodules
     Improving skin microcirculation
     Improving firmness and skin color
On GUAM algae

  • Scientific publications on algae

    The algae used in the mud and baths, help fight free radicals and aging of the skin. They protect the skin and provide it with minerals, reducing cellulite and fatty deposits. Since they feed on the wealth of the sea, the seaweed concentrate to 50 000 times the properties of the marine world in itself. Indeed, algae retain their properties when properly selected, harvested, dried and processed minutely. Thus, these algae-based products are capable of smoothing out the skin, hydrating the tissue, to promote drainage and thus to adjust the moisture level and delay aging of the skin. Algae fight free radicals and skin aging. To effectively use the algae while retaining their characteristics and maintaining their positive effect on the body are mainly three rules to follow:

    First rule: We harvest, while respecting the environmental balance, only the youngest and strongest algae.
    Second rule: Ventilation and drying must take place immediately after harvesting the plants and according to strict traditional methods.
    Third rule: The mixture of seaweed and treatment must be carried out cold, to preserve the original properties of plants.

    Traditionally the selection, harvesting and processing of seaweed GUAM strictly follow a traditional procedure.

    The company LACOTE their harvest seaweed every year at the same period and in the very depths of the ocean.

    Starting in May, when the algae are young and vital, the harvest begins.
    On board vessels, with an antique instrument ("scoubidou"), algae are excavated soil and released water. Once on shore, the seaweed is spread on giant fields to be ventilated by the sea breeze and dried by the sun.

Why is seaweed mud GUAM effective?

Guam seaweed mud is composed of seaweed, clay, extracts of ivy plants, chestnut, Fucus and essential oils of lemon and oregano. The GUAM algae supply the skin with minerals and protective substances thus effectively reducing cellulite (imperfection of the skin) and fat deposits. They fight free radicals and aging of the skin, the smooth tissue, facilitate drainage of excess liquid and help regulate the moisture balance.

They are rich in iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, essential minerals and purifying and softening properties.

With silica, iron and other trace elements, clay has different properties as a tonic with anti-inflammatory effect and cleansing of the skin.

Ivy extract has a regulatory effect on the capillaries of the skin and by the presence of saponins edematous states are reduced. It is useful to normalize and improve the balance of moisture and preserving the elasticity of the skin.

Bladderwrack extract has firming properties and causes dilation of capillaries and to facilitate the absorption by the skin of active ingredients contained in seaweed mud.

The chestnut extract improves blood circulation to the skin, making it softer and has désenflantes and firming properties.

The essential oils of lemon and oregano have a cleansing effect, toning and revitalizing.

Just a few minutes after the application of GUAM seaweed mud thermogenesis starts in the area, accompanied by redness and sweating, effects which disappear after rinsing, leaving the skin smooth and soft.