Based on 30 years of experience in sport and health, ABC offers a selection of quality food supplements brands which meet the health requirements of our country.


  • Protein

    Commonly called "protein", they are used in the body to repair tissue that we damage every day. These are the "bricks" of our body. Proteins are used to maintain lean body mass (muscle, bone, nails, skin, hair, blood, tendons) READ MORE

  • Gainer & Meal replacement

    To increase your intake of muscle mass or simply to increase your weight, ABC offers packages that include the main essential elements of weight gain: Protein for muscle mass, carbohydrates for the synthesis of the reserves of glycogen and acid fat for fast metabolisms.

  • Bars
  • Snacks


  • Drinks


  • Amino acids

    Amino acids are the basis of all life processes, as they are absolutely necessary for the entire metabolic process. Their main task is to ensure optimal transport and optimized storage of all nutritive substances.

  • Booster Creatine...
  • Vitamins Minerals Omega3

    Complex vitamins and minerals, trace elements, omega 3, and more to come...

  • Support Food Hygiene...

    Hygiene training and support food safety agency

  • Enerzona 40:30:30

    A wide choice of product Enerzona 40-30-30 for breakfast, lunch, evening dinner, appetizers, snacks and snacks. Made with quality ingredients; OGM, pesticide or anti-nutrients in order to stay in the Zone!